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Saeed Ahmed Abbasi....... A Politician and Educationist

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Saeed Ahmed Abbasi is the second son of Yaqoob Khan of Termuthean (Union Council Southern Birote on provincial border of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Kashmir and Punjab). His forefather was Sardar Khan Dada (died 1870) of Khanal sub tribe of Dhund Abbasi es of Birote Kalan His other ancestors are Sardar Khan, Shah Mohammed Khan, Roshan Ali Khan. Saeed Ahmed Abbasi has no sisters or sisters-in-law but has three daughters and three sons named Usama Waheed, Saifullah and Wajihullah. He has seven brothers including a Mujahid of Kashmir Mohammed Naseer Abbasi, who embraced Martyrdom in Lolab region in 1998. His other brothers are Waheed Abbasi, Naeem Abbasi, Naseem Abbasi, Abdul Qadeer Abbasi, and Kafeel Abbasi. Kafeel Abbasi is settled in London, Great Britain. His three paternal uncles Mohammed Ilyas Abbasi, Mohammed Yasin Abbasi and Sijawal Khan Abbasi settled in Termuthean.

In-laws of Saeed Abbasi Family

  • His maternal grandfather was Mohammed Iqbal Khan of Dewal belonged to Thadeal sub-tribe of Dhund Abbasi of Murree Hills. His maternal uncles are Mohammed Akhlaq Abbasi and Mohammed Ashraf Abbasi. His other maternal uncle is Mohammed Abbas Khan of Thall, Murree Hills.
  • His father-in-law, Raja Saghir Khan of Southern Birote, belonged to Murtal sub-tribe of Dhund Abbasi. His brothers-in-law, Zoaq Akhter Abbasi (Ex Councilor), Aijaz Abbasi, Iftekhar Abbasi, Sajad Abbasi and Munir Abbasi, are settled in Karachi with vast business.

Saeed Abbasi with his elder son

Educational career

He was born in May 1964 and got his matriculation examination from Peshawar Intermediate and Secondary Education Board[4] in 1979. He shifted to Karachi and then passed his FSC from Urdu Science College now University Karachi.[5] He has an MSc in Genetics from Karachi University and LLB from Islamic Law College Karachi.[6] He also obtained a BEd degree from Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad in 1998.
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Professional career

He is the founder of the educational institutions Seyed Ahmed Shaheed Academy School System (SASA) of Circle Bakote and Murree Hills.
  • 27 February 1990……His first branch of Seyed Ahmed Shaheed Academy established in house of Inter-Services Intelligence Ex Chief Geral Anis Abbasi in last Union Council Dewal of Punjab, 12 kilometers north of Murree City.
  • May 2011………More than one dozen branches of Seyed Ahmed Shaheed Academy School System (SASA) existed in Birote, Termuthean, Dewal, Rewat, Juleal, Kahooti, Basian, Moolia Bakote, Bedala, Majoohan, Patan Kalan, Naker Mojwal, and Dabi Minhasa Azad Kashmir.
  • His female student of Birote Campus, Sara Dilpazir, obtained highest marks of 911 out of 1050 in Matriculation examination under Abbottabad Board[7] in 2010.

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Political career
Saeed Ahmed Abbasi has been a political activist since 1986.

Hazara Students Federation

  • Saeed Ahmed Abbasi first joined Hazara Students Federation as a worker in 1984–85 in Karachi.

Jamaat e Islami Birote, Circle Bakote and Abbottabad

  • He joined Jamaat e Islami Birote unit in 1991 as president youth.
  • He elected as Nazim Jamaat e Islami Circle Bakote in 1993.
  • He elected as Amir (Chief) Jamaat e Islami Circle Bakote in 2007.
  • He elected as Naeb Amir (Vice Chief) Jamaat e Islami District Abbottabad in2009.
  • He completed his Amarat (Chiefdom) Jamaat e Islami District Abbottabad in 2012.
  • He reelcted as Amir (Chief) Jamaat e Islami District Abbottabad on 22 October 2012.


A fundamentalist local Molvi Hanif Qureshi belonged to Khan Khurd came Birote and delivered a sermon against the founders of Islamic University of Deoband, India andSunni Muslims on 29 August 2011. This caused a tension among Muslims of area. They stoned and beat Molvi Hanif Qureshi and his Commerades with hockies. Mehtab Ahmed Khan Abbasi [1], Member of National Assembly of Pakistan from Circle Bakote noticed this incident but he was helpless and he requested to Saeed Ahmed Abbasi to resolve this issue. Saeed Ahmed Abbasi negotiated both groups and imposed lifetime bane of entry on Molvi Hanif Qureshi in Birote. Commerades of Molvi Hanif Qureshi apologised and accepted all responsibilities against Commerades. Sunni Muslims of Birote hailed Saeed Ahmed Abbasi decision.Saeed Ahmed Abbasi as a religio political figure made historic decision.
  • He decided demolition of the tomb of his relative Soofi Reaz Abbasi because illegal and illegitimate activities were there against the teachings of Islam in April 2009. Afaq Abbasi Ex-Nazim Union Council Birote had taken action as decided by Saeed Ahmed Abbasi about the fate of tomb.
  • Some people tried to convert him notoriously with connection of adultery of his paternal and real uncle Mohammed Yasin Abbasi but this scandal reduced and removed on Earth as a baseless occurrences. He and his Tribe Khanals are very high character people of area.

Anjuman Ittehad e Abbasia Karachi

Anjuman Ittehad e Abbasia Karachi is an ethnic organisation of Abbasies of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. Body has 23,000 members and financial funds is Rs. Seven millions. Dr. Abbasi is life president of Anjuman. Saeed Ahmed Abbasi participated a very constructive role in this Anjuman.
  1. He took portfolio of first Deputy General Secretary in 1985.
  2. He was elected as second General Secretary in 1987.

Journalism career

He started publication of the weekly Akhbar e Kohsar Karachi in 1988 with co-operation of his relative Sajid Quresh Abbasi, who is also a lawyer and an educationist from Basian. There was another weekly publication Weekly Hill Post Karachi. This paper was first newspaper of Circal Bakote and Murree Hills until 2002.

Law career

He is LLB from Muslim Law College and practiced as a student with Mohammed Nawaz Abbasi Advocate of Hotrole, Birote Kurd, in City Court Karachi but he left his law practice after his return to Birote.


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